Once you are a member of the Spilsby U3A, you are welcome to join any of the Special Interest Groups. These are listed below, with a short description of what they involve.
    Please speak to Mary Flynn email her by clicking

    Android Group Coordinators Colin Gray and David Stonehouse This group, affectionately called “Meet your android” take our tablets (not that sort of tablet) to meet at one of the Coordinators houses on the third Monday of the month. We not only try to resolve problems encountered by members on their android tablets but also look at new or revised apps to see if they are suitable for our use.

    Art Group - Coordinator Gay Crawford. This group meets at the Methodist Church Meeting Rooms every Wednesday morning 9.30-12noon. They learn how to draw, to paint and how to improve their art work.

    Art Appreciation Group - Coordinator Frances Steltner 01754 830437 The Art Appreciation Group examines all aspects of art including paintings and sculpture at their monthly meetings. Members express what their like or dislike about a piece of art and then open this up to a group discussion. Visits to art galleries are also being arranged during 2017. The group is currently full but the coordinator maintains a waiting list for those wanting to join.  

    Astronomy Group - Coordinator Penny Young who states “that the group is for anyone who has an interest in stargazing. We aim to find out how to navigate around the night sky looking for planets, stars, and other interesting objects”.They meet about once a month when the weather forecast is for a clear evening.  Warm clothing essential and binoculars are useful . New members are welcome. For further information contact Penny Young on pennyyoung29@hotmail.com or phone her on 01754 811700

 Ballet Appreciation: Coordinator Suse Hart .
No, you do not have to practise a 'plie' or 'jete' in the kitchen or a 'pas de deux' down the hall! The Ballet Appreciation Group meet on the second Thursday of each month to enjoy DVDs of a wide variety of classical and modern dance in comfort. Sometimes we watch in companionable silence, at other times we may discuss dance styles, for example those of Darcy Bussell or Margot Fonteyn.

Bob Dylan and Wine - Coordinator David Middlehurst
The group is considering the development of popular culture 1960-2010 focusing on the words, music and career of Bob Dylan. The group meets at the Coordinator’s house on the first Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm. Members take turns to provide a bottle of red or white wine to enhance our discussions.

Book Club - Coordinator Jennifer Leadbetter
A monthly meeting, discussing a book previously handed out, supplied by the Lincolnshire Library Service. The meeting is held on the third Tuesday of the month at 2.30pm at a  member’s house.

Bridge Improvers - Coordinator Enid Bailey
he group is being taught the fundamentals of Bridge by an experienced player, on a regular basis. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Churches & Heritage Group - Co-ordinator Denise Wheatley
Lincolnshire has an abundance of marvelous parish churches. The aim of this group is to visit churches and other heritage sites within the county – usually with a guide – and to acquaint ourselves more closely with the architecture and ambiance of these fine buildings. Visits are made between April and October. All are welcome – you do not need to be at all knowledgeable about things architectural, sometimes it is enough to simply gaze and reflect.

Classical Music Appreciation - - Coordinator David Middlehurst
The group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 2.30pm at one of the member’s house. The group members take turns to choose about an hour of music on a CD which we settle down and listen to. This is followed by a short informed discussion about the music and the composer.

Computers - Coordinator Colin Gray or David Stonehouse
This is a group for anyone who wants to know how to do anything on a Laptop computer, for beginners onwards. Courses are run at the Franklin Hall for beginners, advanced and digital photography. Other subject areas could be covered if there is sufficient interest..

Craft Group  - Co-ordinator Gill Taplin                                                                              This group meets at the home of Frances Steltner on an ad hoc basis. They try various crafting techniques such as candle making, bead threading etc to make different articles.

Crochet Group - Coordinator Trish Taylor This group meets at the home of Mary Flynn on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Croquet: Coordinator Janet Harwood. 
The Croquet Group meets on the third Wednesday each month, at Beth Dawson’s House. We play from 2.00 - 4.00 pm. The cost is £1.00 per session and includes coaching. New members welcome.

Current Affairs  - Contact Pat Colley

This group meets at members’ houses on the second Tuesday of the month to discuss and debate topical issues. New members are welcome to join the group.

Digital Photography- Coordinator Rob Bakewell
Beginners and improvers meet onthe first Friday of each month at the Franklin Hall to discuss their work and show their results, with the aim of improving their technique and learning from each other. A topic is given each meeting for members to concentrate on for the next time

Family History - Coordinator Janet Gordon                                                           

This group meets at the Co-ordinators house each month at 2.30pm usually on the second Friday of each month. Some members will have fairly extensive knowledge. Guidance can be gained by newcomers as to how to go about researching this interesting and fascinating subject. It is intended to be an informal discussion group where members give ideas for accessing information and tell of their own experiences. Contact Janet Gordon on 01790 753895 for further information.   The group has recently completed the transcribing of the Bishops Transcripts for St James Church, Spilsby for the period 1700-1800.

French beginners - Coordinator Sheila Harwood
Tuition is given in the basics of French, mainly spoken. Meetings are held weekly on a Tuesday afternoon 2.00pm-4.30pm at the co-ordinator’s house in Little Steeping. The group has vacancies and would welcome new members.

French Conversation Intermediate- Coordinator Chris Morgan
A chance to practice your French in an informal atmosphere, whether for holidays or other purposes. Members meet fortnightly on Fridays at each other’s houses to chat over topics of interest, and to brush up on points of grammar

French Conversation Advanced - Coordinator Stef Round. A chance to polish your conversational French in an informal atmosphere, whether for holidays or other purposes.

Gardening and Gardens Appreciation - Coordinator Julia Brocklehurst
Members alternate between external visits and visits to their own gardens, to learn a bit more and gather inspiration. Meetings are held monthly by arrangement and are likely to be indoors in the winter. For details of the 2018 visits please click

German Conversation Group - Coordinator Kate Mitchell                             German Stammtisch - A Stammtisch is a table around which a group of people meets regularly for conversation. Our meetings are on Thursday mornings, weekly for several weeks, followed by a break. Everyone has a basic grasp of German, some are more advanced than others, we are all learning. The group is currently full, but we keep a waiting list. click ** HERE** for Kate’s contact details                                     

Guitar Group -Coordinator Neil Thomson

This group practises their guitar skills every week for about two hours at the home of the coordinator. If interested in joining this group click **Here** for more details

History of Spilsby 1939-1964 - Coordinator Stephanie Round
This group is temporarily in abeyance. They are hoping to ultimately produce a book on the history of Spilsby for this period, members are undertaking research, either by chatting to long-term residents, or by undertaking documentary research – the choice is yours.

Ipad user group - Coordinators Colin Gray and David Stonehouse This group, uses IPADs as a principal or secondary computer to resolve problems encountered by members on their ipads tablets but also look at new or revised apps to see if they are suitable for our use.The group meets on the 3rd Monday at one of the coordinators houses.

Italian Conversation- Coordinator Neil Thomson,
This group is for people with some Italian language skills - not absolute beginners - with weekly meetings at members’ houses. The group learns to construct simple sentences using vocabulary, some grammar and verbs. Nothing too complicated and with plenty of encouragement and laughter. We are not fluent in Italian, but through self help we try to advance our knowledge by discussing various different subjects and points of grammar on a weekly basis.

Latin Group - Coordinator David Round                                                                                   This group meets at the coordinator’s house once every month.

Luncheon Club - Coordinator Marion Gray
The Luncheon Club meets monthly at a chosen venue, for lunch, a drink and a chat, on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Advance booking, payment and choice of menu is required, details of which are available at the monthly general meeting. Please note, any refund due to a late cancellation will be at the discretion of the venue.  Please ensure you have the organisers' telephone number
.For details of venues and dates click **HERE**

Mah-jong - Coordinator Sue Holmes The Group is currently full but please contact the Coordinator for details The Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Thursday.

Music Appreciation -(Classical Group) - Co-ordinator Jane Hawkes
The group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 2.30pm at one of the member’s house. The members will take it in turn to introduce examples of classical music, which they enjoy to the other members, and use each  others knowledge to widen their horizons in appreciating a broader range of composers and their works..

Natural History/Ornithology - Coordinator Frances Steltner                                                               During the summer months the group goes on field trips to different sites to watch birds. During the winter months the group meets at a members house to discuss ornithological issues of interest. Contact Frances Steltner  email click **here** For details of the summer programme please click ** Here**

Play Reading - Co-ordinator Sue Holmes
A group that meets at 10am on the 4th Tuesday of the month, at a member’s house, to read parts from a selection of plays, provided by the Drama Service of Lincolnshire County Council. The Group is currently full but please contact  Sue Holmes on for further details.

Poetry/Literature - Coordinator Ruth Ward
Members meet on the fourth Monday at 3.30 at a member's house to share enjoyment of the written word. At the moment we are looking at the contenders for the T S Eliot Prize. After that we shall choose our next subject. New members are welcome.

Scrabble - Coordinator David Stonehouse

This group has decided that they play the game of Scrabble for fun. They meet at a member’s house for about 2 hours. Please contact David Stonehouse on 01790 754774 for further details.

Singing for Fun - Coordinators Stef Round and Colin Gray

Singing for Fun and will take place fortnightly, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, at Halton Holegate Methodist Chapel, Station Road, HH at 7pm.  No musical knowledge is needed, just a willingness to get stuck in, open your vocal chords and 'have a go'.  We do not sing from printed scores, so no need to read music, but bring your distance glasses so you can read the words on the screen!  Bring £1 as well, to pay for the hire of the room., We are happy for you to come along once to see whether you enjoy it."

Spanish Improvers Group: Coordinator Mick Coates
Members meet every Wednesday at each others' houses at 2.pm (10 am if there is a U3A meeting the same day). We study Spanish language, literature and music plus attempt some conversation. We also complete some homework each week. A basic knowledge of the language is needed as we are not a beginners group.

Table Tennis - Coordinator Margaret Cook

Meet every Tuesday at 2pm-4pm at the Sports Pavilion, Ancaster Avenue, Spilsby. There is a nominal charge to cover venue hire. The group are very informal and always welcome new members who need no previous experience of this type of sport.

Theatre Group - Coordinator Leith Larcombe
We meet about every two months, usually at Mary Flynn’s house to discuss what shows we should like to visit, aiming to see six theatre productions each year.

Walking - Coordinator Stephanie Round
A two hour ramble on the first Tuesday of the month, taken at a suitable pace, and introducing members to local footpaths. For 2018 schefule please click
**Here**For 2019 walk schedule click **HERE*

Writers Group - Coordinator Jenny Williams
A group that meets every two months on an irregular basis to talk about the writing members have done, what they have achieved, and what they would like to achieve. Members range from fully published authors to the hopefuls.




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