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Members subscription rates effective from 1st April 2019

The subscription rate for a Full member of Spilsby U3A is £20

The subscription rate for an Affiliate member is £16.50

U3A Craft Group

We will meet at various venues every second Tuesday of the month at 10-12. We have agreed the following classes for the next few months:

December - no meeting

. They try various crafting techniques such as candle making, bead threading etc to make different articles. Please contact Gill Taplin if interested in joining the group.

Scrabble Group

The next Meeting of the U3A Scrabble Group will be at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Family History Group 


 NEXT MEETING Friday 10th January 2020  2.30 pm.

 From immediate effect the Family History Group will now meet on the 2nd Friday of each month

 3 Grace Swan Close, Hundleby, PE23 5LT 

01790 753895  Janet Gordon – Co-ordinator.

Please let Janet know if you wish to attend or again if you will be absent.

This is an informal group lead by David Stonehouse and  gives time for research, problem solving, etc.,  whether you are a beginner or more experienced.


 Use of Ancestry.com,  Family Search and other websites is available.


Guest Speakers may be invited from time to time.


The group may also choose to work on special projects and visit places of interest in the future.


Luncheon Group

Luncheon Group organiser and venue for 2020

January 22nd TBA

February, Thursday 27th Nelson Butt, Spilsby organisers Colin & Marion Gray

March 25th Wednesday, Leagate Inn, Coningsby Organisers David & Veronica Stonehouse


Future venues to be advised at monthly meeting


U3A Gardening Group

 January 13th 2pm at Beth Dawson’s home. Dalby House, Dalby. Planning meeting for 2020. Please bring a small plate of refreshments for sharing. 

Android Group -

The next meeting of this Group will be held on Monday 20th January 2020 at 1000am at 39 Station Road, Halton Holegate

IPAD User Group -

The next meeting of the IPAD User Group at Monday, 20th January  at  2pm     at 4  Bowmans Ridge, Hundleby


Message from Lincolnshire Police Headquarters, Engagement Team

Scam Phone Calls

Many U3A members are reporting a bombardment of scam telephone calls where the caller threatens to cut off your BT account and advises you to press 1 on your keypad. DO NOT DO THIS _ JUST PUT THE PHONE DOWN.

 Please report any misleading website, email or phone number to Action Fraud www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud or contact Lincolnshire Police on Tel 101


Please note this is just one example of a scam there are many others so please be vigilant and careful about to whom you are giving personal details

Mileage rates. Please be aware that the Committee have agreed that the rates for the use of private motor vehicles has increased from the 1st October 2010 from 20p to 30 pence per mile. In calculating this rate please multiply the mileage for your return journey by 30 pence and divide by the number of  occupants in the vehicle, including the driver.

For example: A return journey of 20 miles in a car with 4 occupants =           20 multiplied by 30 is £6 divided by 4 is £1.50 per person for the journey.