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U3A Merchandise Order Form

Please do not send any money with this form as you

will be sent an invoice including the cost of P&P.

Item                                                            Price         

U3A Parker Jotter                                                £3.00        

U3A Lanyard with logo                                          £0.70       

U3A Badge holder                                                 £0.80    

U3A Notelets –Pack of 10                                     £2.00     

U3A Conference bag with logo                               £4.00              

Luggage strap – blue with yellow logo                    £3.00           

Blue & yellow U3A striped tie with logo                  £3.00

Plain blue U3A tie with logo                                   £3.00

Boxed playing cards - Yellow back with logo            £1.50

Boxed playing cards - Blue with white logo               £1.50

Magnifiers - credit card size                                    £0.25

Notepad - blue (9.5cm x 15.5.cm)                           £0.50

Umbrella (telescopic) - blue with yellow logo            £2.00

Umbrella (telescopic) - black with white logo            £2.00

Pencil - with logo and eraser                                  £0.10

Mouse Mat - blue with logo                                     £3.00

Trolley Coin - yellow with logo                                £1.00


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